LB Bromley
West Wickham (BR4)
145 Wickham Chase (front garden)
Distance (S) from Greenwich
OS map detailsOS Explorer: 161 or 162
OS grid refTQ 39170.66764
WGS84 lat/long51.382870, -0.001517
TypeTree | MTL | Sign on post(s)
Marking datec. 2000
AccessNone. Tree felled but stump and replacement sign visible from public road
Greenwich Meridian Marker; England; LB Bromley; West Wickham (BR4)


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10 May 2017
09 Mar 2011

Bromley Council organised the planting of a number of trees across the borough as their contribution to the Millennium Tree Line Project. Those householders who had properties through which the Meridian passed were invited to apply to the Council for a free tree. Those who applied were provided with both a tree and a map (1:1250) showing the path of the Meridian. Regrettably, there was no requirement for householders to plant their tree on the Line. In some instances this would in any case have been impossible as the Line passed though the property rather than the garden. In others, there was sometimes no convenient point on the Line at which to plant it. Some chose to plant the tree in the rear garden although the Line actually crossed the front garden. Others did the opposite. Although some trees were planted on the Line, others are off by as much as 20 metres or more. No commemorative plaques were provided, so most of the trees are unmarked and indistinguishable from the other garden trees around them. In this particular case, the owners provided a sign of their own (complete with spelling mistake). The tree was reported dead in 2013 and subsequently chopped down and a new sign made to mark the Meridian that no longer mentioned the tree.