W side of: Malton Road
Distance (N) from Greenwich
OS map detailsOS Explorer: 209
OS grid refTL 36870.49992
WGS84 lat/long52.131289, -0.001800
TypeTree | MTL | MTL disc(s)
Marking date1998?
Greenwich Meridian Marker; England; Cambridgeshire; Orwell


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Malton Road not only runs virtually due north as it approaches the village of Orwell, it is also on the Meridian (about the only road in the UK to be so). In around 1998, 40 trees of a variety of species were planted along its verges over a distance of about 500 m. The 12 nearest the village were planted on the eastern side, with the remainder being planted on the western. Of the 40 trees, 13 were marked with the distinctive green Millennium Tree Line (MTL) discs. These are the only trees of the 40 planted, to be separately listed on this site. The last pictures in the 2007 image set have been annotated to allow identification of both the marked and the unmarked trees. Counting from south to north: this is tree 22 of 40 of all the trees, and tree 7 of 13 of those originally marked with an MTL disc.