LB Croydon
New Addington (CR0)
Meridian High School (formerly Addington High School), Fairchildes Avenue
Distance (S) from Greenwich
OS map detailsOS Explorer: 161
OS grid refTQ 39331.60956
WGS84 lat/long51.330638, -0.001478
TypeSchool | Tree | MTL
Marking dateNov 1996
AccessRestricted. Trees no longer present
Greenwich Meridian Marker; England; LB Croydon; New Addington (CR0)


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29 Apr 2006
Nov 1996

The Millennium Tree Line project made what is thought to be its third UK planting here in November 1996. Of the three trees planted, none survive. Their proximity to the touchline of a football pitch would undoubtedly have presented a health and safety hazard. How long they survived is not known, but they were long since gone by 2006.