LB Greenwich
Greenwich (SE10)
Meridian School, Old Woolwich Road
Distance (N) from Greenwich
OS map detailsOS Explorer: 161 or 162
OS grid refTQ 38872.78018
WGS84 lat/long51.484072, -0.001387
TypePlaque (wall) | School | School name
Marking date1984
AccessRestricted, but visible from public road
Greenwich Meridian Marker; England; LB Greenwich; Greenwich (SE10)


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Known originally as Old Woolwich Road School, Meridian School took part in the ‘Meridian Day’ celebrations in Greenwich Park in 1984. The marking of the Line at the school appears to have begun at this time with one of the Meridian plaques that had been distributed by the English Tourist Board.

The school has three halls arranged vertically one above the other. The Meridian was marked on the floor of the middle hall possibly as early as 1984. In September 2007, following a routine sanding and resealing job, it was planned to mark it on the floor of the Upper Hall as well. The line was marked with a painted green line in the rear playground sometime around 2004–05. The Meridian Laser which passes overhead was used to determine the exact place where it was to be painted, the colour having been chosen to mirror that of the laser.